…We went to Japan! Don’t be jelly though, because we brought it back with us for you. Check out the cuteness overload, sick fashion trends, interviews with JP’s coolest artists and the steez of JP. Next week on KTV Japan Week begins. Be ready to dive into the JP’s “all future everything”, minus the 14 hour flight…You win the game!

We had a blast and brought the KL flava to the east! We hung out the legit Japanese way (non of that tourist trap crap). We shot pure gold. Some awesome peeps gave KTV some love, some of which you might already now of. We did a photo shoot with Joyrich in Japan. (btw stay tuned for our super duper July Chick-of-the Month) When I say “we” I mean the whole Karmaloop crew actually rocked Joyrich in the shoot–like model steez! You’ll get to see some of “the behind the curtain” KL crew members.

We had famed (infamous rather) photographer, Yonehara on our side. If you don’t know who he is, Google him stat. You will notice a resemblance to a certain Mr. Richardson. You didn’t hear this from me, but Yonehara was actually the first to pioneer this type of photography. Don’t snitch!  Anyway he is an ill dude who followed us around Tokyo and put together a photo journal of our shenanigans over seas.

We met dance hall queen, Junko, did some booty shaking for us. This girl has got it like WHOA. Seriously, it’s an art what she does with her butt and she kills it! They don’t call her the dance hall queen for nothing, so take notes girls!

Ai, I can’t even say much except the fact that in 6 months she will be the next MIA and I can say I told you so! Don’t sleep on this girl, she is nasty (not like dirty nasty but really good nasty) with her music.

OMG, we’ve got so much more cutie goodies to show you, but I can’t keep disclosing information and ruin the surprise! I am just over excited about what we have to show you. The Japan wonderland, check it out next week on KTV!

–Giovannah Chiu, Lifestyle Marketing Director