L*Space swimwear. And cake. Combining the 2 seems like a mismatched choice, but nonetheless – I can honor each one individually! It’s a weird phenomenon but don’t you feel like everyone you know has a favorite TV show regarding cakes? How to bake them, competitions, the drama of working in a cake shop, cakes that look like sculptures, how fast you can eat them…Anywho, last week L*Space teamed up with TLC for an appearance on Ultimate Cake Off, where show contestants were asking to design a cake for the swimwear brand’s fashion show. Watch the episode online to check out the results, and don’t forget to shop the up and coming L*Space collection on Karmaloop during commercial breaks! Seen above are the Audrina One Piecethe Dolly Fringe Bandeau, and the Lorelli Choker One Piece.