Native Shoes is taking everyone by storm – even those who shy away from their foamy silhouette can agree that they are a stylish solution to some of summer’s troubling wardrobe predicaments. The practicality of Native is that they are lightweight, waterproof, and airy while still having a classic street style. Perfect for city turned beachy outdoor endeavors. Imagine how key they are at music festivals! Also perfect for anyone who has worked as a lifeguard or in a restaurant.

For those of you ladies who want to stand out of the crowd, I saw a picture of someone at Miami’s WMC who personalized their Pigeon Gray Jefferson Sneakers by lacing them with hot pink laces (Karmaloop has plenty from Mr. Lacy and Kazbah brand, Fully Laced) and it looked awesome! That opened my eyes to ways that you could actually style your Natives, not just wear them. The color combos are endless, what would you choose?