I don’t know how we missed this before.  Young Money’s “Bedrock” video has been aired on television for a while now, and Youtube currently has it as 14,000,000+ viewings.  But did any one notice a certain pair of shoes exclusive to Karmaloop.com?

Nicki Minaj flaunts a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s Tick Shoes in Tribal White.  The shoes are first seen in the video as Nicki gives a Captain Morgan type pose on a chair as she wildly raps into a pink flat iron!  Then they’re featured later as she sits poolside wearing a pink, silver and black baby doll dress.

Now I don’t think it’s just me, but I believe the cameraman wanted us to see these Karmaloop exclusives.  I mean how could you miss them?  They keep showing her feet!  They should have put a tag hanging off her toe saying, “Buy at Karmaloop.com”.  Check out the video here.