A lot of work goes into prepping for a lookbook. The process starts by picking a theme. Our last ladies’ lookbook was titled “The Holidays with DJ Ms Thang”. The theme was “party girl”, so lots of dresses, balloons, and champagne were a must. Once the theme is decided, a location must be arranged, product must be ordered and props must be collected. Jasmine, our Women’s Buyer, and I sit down together and go through the latest/newest products to Karmaloop. We pick out items that best suit the theme and place our order from our warehouse. As soon as the product arrives, all items must be checked off and sorted out by scene, which is what I worked on this morning for tomorrow’s lookbook! I won’t tell you the theme, you’ll just have to check back soon. The focus, though, is on accessories, so almost all the Karmaloop product we ordered was jewelry. Some of the brands you should expect to see in this lookbook are Cubannie Links, Han Cholo, Disney Couture and Melody Ehsani. Very big and flashy!

A Zip Car is rented and the product is here. Our model Kaitlyn and makeup by Rose are scheduled for tomorrow….we are almost ready to go. Check back tomorrow for behind-the-scenes shots on set for Karmaloop’s latest ladies’ lookbook!