Christina Ly, better known as Xtina, is our first featured guest blogger. Xtina is a college student from Cali with a dope blog of her own, She is finally and happily 21 years old.  Born in Queens, Christina lived there until her parents got the idea to move to Northen Californina where they opened a donut shop. She warns you all not to be fooled…she is one serious donut slave!! She is a psycholohy/biology major with a minor in human development, studying at the Universtiy of California, Davis. Christina has a strong passion for fashion, and is considering heading that way in the future!

I discovered Xtina after she commented on one of our blog posts. Amongst other things, she had blogged about loving the Jeffrey Campbell Potion Shoes. The Karmaloop Ladies invited her to be our first featured blogger… check her post out below!

We are amped to have her post her thoughts on fashion, particularly shoes! If you have your own blog, and have something dope to say about life and fashion and everything in between, we’d like to here about it! Send the link to your blog to Now get to know Xtina….!


I love shoes.  You love shoes.  We all love shoes.  What’s not to like about premiere designer shoe brands?  It’s not rocket science and the answer is a no brainer. It’s definitely the teasing ludicrous price tags that make our bank accounts drain, especially for a broke college wannabe fashionista like myself.  Obviously I can’t afford everything I see and there has to be some way I can still be on the fashion train.  I’ve flipped through magazines, fashion blogs-just about anything fashion runway related and have come to conclude that Jeffrey Campbell is always on the latest and hottest trends.  The best thing about Jeffrey Campbell is his amazing shoe designs are set at a more decent price range and they’re made comfortably!  I can wear my JC shoes for hours on end and still can’t get enough of them!

Shoes exist as my eye candy and sole source of therapy.  I wish I could say that I’m swearing off buying shoes for a while, but I’d be a terrible liar.  I’ve developed an addiction (I own a closet dedicated to shoes!) and there’s a new pair that I’m itching to have in my collection.  Of course they would be the ever so lovely JC’s Potion!  The Potion wedge features incredible cutouts and silver metal buckles that seem to catch my eye on every fashion blog I’ve visited.  I simply adore the style because it’s so unique for every day wear.  I can dress them up with a fun and flirty floral dress or give it more edge and glamor by throwing on chains, sequins, and zippers.  There’s nothing better than having an eclectic and fabulous shoe that can be worn on numerous occasions in comfort.

Jeffrey Campbell, you are the Shoe God for all broke college students.  And JC Potion, I will have you soon enough!

- Christina