After much anticipation, A-Morir is now available at! Created in 2008 by designer and owner, Kerin Rose, A-Morir glasses are the IT thing to have right now! A-Morir is a successfully curated accessory line with a particular emphasis on Swarovski encrusted eyewear. Not only are Miss Roses’s pieces to die for, but they are intended to be so beautiful that a little part of the viewer dies inside, as the French would say, “une petite mort”. Each painstakingly adorned pair covered in rhinestones, spikes, chains, lace, studs or pearls reflects the designer’s love of the theatrical, the luxurious and most importantly, the glam! As seen in numerous music videos, such as on Rihanna in Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” video and on Snoop Dogg in his “Gangsta Luv” video, A-Morir is staking its reputation as a celeb favorite. Other clientele include Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Cassie, Nina Sky, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey and more! Styles to look out for are The Schubert, The Sioux, The Love/Hate Dookie and The Barracuda. Get yours at