I always loved that classic photo of the late, incredibly great Yves Saint Laurent, where he’s sitting naked with his glasses on. Even as a kid, I found it extremely intimate and beautiful. Usually, women are the ones shown in such settings, but here you had this frail, soft-spoken man looking vulnerably sexy with all of that leg hair. I still think it’s a brilliant photo, that dude killed it, no pun intended.

I’m not mad at Tom Ford either, I think he’s a crazy bastard and I love his sense of design. He’s another one that really instills a strong sense of femininity in women with the clothes he makes. I was randomly looking over his Fall 09′ Eyewear collection when I saw a photo that seemed really familiar to me. I’d like to think this is an ode to YSL. If not, it’s either something that’s been done before, or quite the coincidence. The dude in Toms ad annoys me with his face though. He looks like he has stinky feet.

See for yourself…