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Beauty Patrol: Sephora Nail Tutorials

Beauty Patrol: Sephora Nail Tutorials

Sophy Robson is the industry go-to when it comes to covetable nail decor, so of course Sephora, being the retail giant it is, teamed up with her to present exclusive designs and video after the jump!
Every Kind of Kini's

Every Kind of Kini’s

Sick of hearing about the cornucopia of swimsuit options this season? Neither are we…well, maybe for a minute, but then we saw Seventeen’s June showcase of colors, styles, cuts, prints, beads, ruffles, wait, did I mention colors!? A suit to satisfy every taste! In stock we have┬áthe Wild Cat Monokini by Hello Kitty Swim, the...
Bust-in' Out

Bust-in’ Out

June is quickly approaching (can you believe it’s about to be Memorial Day?!) and soon we will be sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, and flipping through the summer magazines for some style inspiration. Of course, we couldn’t wait for the sand and surf so we picked apart our favorite reads here in...