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TGIF: Let's Get Weird

TGIF: Let’s Get Weird

Well, this week was sure a whirlwind. We had the super fabulous Jeffree Star grace us with his presence while we plan out something sexy for you all. Pulling inspiration from the color character and style of Jeffree Star, I find myself day-dreaming of rainbows and holographic fabrics.
It's Friday: Let's get weird.

It’s Friday: Let’s get weird.

TGIF! You've made it through another week. Ring in the weekend with a major supply of visual stimulants. From rainbows, to fur coats, there's just so much radness to go around!
Buy Now, Wear Now: Rainbow Tie-dyes and Colorful Gradients

Buy Now, Wear Now: Rainbow Tie-dyes and Colorful Gradients

Summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to know. Snag some of these daring rainbow inspired tie-dye and gradient pieces from a few of our favorite brands like Motel and UNIF and bring Summer with you all the way into those upcoming cloudy Fall months.
SB2K12: Get Your Wardrobe Miami-Ready for Ultra

SB2K12: Get Your Wardrobe Miami-Ready for Ultra

Spring break departures may be approaching, but don’t freak if you haven’t planned vacation outfits yet… we’ve got packing lists for all of SB2K12′s hotspots! Mary Rachel likes color and kitsch -- 2 things in high demand at Miami's Ultra Music Festival, taking place later this month.
Peep Show: and the Answer is...

Peep Show: and the Answer is…

...the White Leather with Stingray Bowtie by Harlett! This one was tricky, especially if you don't normally have an eye for exotic leather. That being said, you better acquaint yourself fast because the entire Harlett bowtie run is almost exclusively unusual leathers. Winner and previews of upcoming Harlett pieces after the jump.
We're All HellBound with Unif's Criminally High Platforms

We’re All HellBound with Unif’s Criminally High Platforms

You've stocked your Lita's and your Jemma's, and we get it, you like big shoes. Better make room for a newbie in your closet or shoe bin or wherever your towering clunkers live, because Unif's HellBound is about to run shit.
Dior Velvet Eyes to Launch for Fashion's Night Out

Dior Velvet Eyes to Launch for Fashion’s Night Out

Instant make-up started with nail decals, then quickly evolved into instant eyeshadow transfers. Now Dior's redefining the eyeliner game with their "Velvet Eyes" collection!
Fresh Picks

Fresh Picks

Ladies, we have your back. We know that shopping can be overwhelming and sometimes you just can’t contain your excitment over how to coordinate all your favorite finds. As you know, we’ve made the task of staying on trend easy and fun by categorizing our fresh goods according to their style. We know you will...