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Chatting with Obey's Women's Designer, Erin Wignall Han

Chatting with Obey’s Women’s Designer, Erin Wignall Han

We linked up with Obey's amazing women's wear designer, Erin Wignall Han, and discussed her favorite season, what she has learned from working in the fashion industry, and her favorite shopping destinations. Read the interview and scope out the Fall 2012 lookbook after the jump.
Peep Show: and the Answer is...

Peep Show: and the Answer is…

...the White Leather with Stingray Bowtie by Harlett! This one was tricky, especially if you don't normally have an eye for exotic leather. That being said, you better acquaint yourself fast because the entire Harlett bowtie run is almost exclusively unusual leathers. Winner and previews of upcoming Harlett pieces after the jump.
Lifetime Collective's New Video Gives Us Chills

Lifetime Collective’s New Video Gives Us Chills

Lifetime Collective delivers nicely done video lookbooks each season, and this fall is no exception.
Osborn: Good Design for Good Deeds

Osborn: Good Design for Good Deeds

In a market increasingly inundated by "throw-away fashion" items from the likes of H&M and Forever21, it's nice to know there are still companies dedicated to quality product and integrity of process. Osborn offers hand made artisan shoes in a variety of adorable prints.
Eskuche: Listen Up!

Eskuche: Listen Up!

The latest star in our lineup of stylish quality headphones is the LA based Eskuche, characterized by polished finishes on retro silhouettes which stand the test of time and won’t break the bank. The brand’s designs translate well from the streets to the runway…and back. Various Eskuche styles were featured in the Fall 2010 Dolce...
Plastic Island Fall '10

Plastic Island Fall ’10

If you’ve watched our latest Buyer Wire, you are well aware that Plastic Island has just dropped on Karmaloop! Plastic Island is a fairly new brand in the world of fashion, born in 2007. As the brand describes, “each Plastic Island collection fuses a playful sense of ease and purpose for the woman with inherant...
Bongo Beats

Bongo Beats

Unique headphones are definitely on trend right now, and as you probably know, the Karmaloop crew has been on top of the game for quite some time. WeSC headphones are a go-to for high quality sound and style, and the Swedish powerhouse is constantly putting out dope new colors and models. Everyone seems to be...