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Trend Report: Matchy Match

Trend Report: Matchy Match

So remember when matching was all the rage? Ya, I’m talking about Kindergarten. Than as we grew, we realized that matching your purple Lee jeans to your purple turtleneck to your purple hair thingy was not a good look. But something is happening in the world of fashion, and it looks like matching is making...
Holiday Banter! Unusual Gifts for Everyone on Santa's List

Holiday Banter! Unusual Gifts for Everyone on Santa’s List

Here are 10 unusually awesome gift suggestions for an array of people you might be shopping for...
Dani's Holiday Picks

Dani’s Holiday Picks

Meet Dani, part of the Men’s Buying Team. This chick has no problem holding her own in a department full of boys! Dani took time out of her crazy holiday schedule to put together a quick list of Holiday ideas for your man-friend.  Check out her top men’s picks! Clockwise from the top: The Melrose...
Falls picks from Luxirie

Falls picks from Luxirie

The new autumn collection from Luxirie has landed! For those of you foolios not already familiar with the brand, Luxirie is the sister brand to streetwear staple LRG.  As a lifestyle brand, Luxirie focuses on “the girls that are following their hearts and trying to pay their rent with their passions.” We’ve chosen our favorite...

Music Monday

This is dedicated to all the ladies that like to go to the movies..especially you girl.
Buyer Wire: Luxirie

Buyer Wire: Luxirie

The Buyer Wire covers Luxirie, LRG‘s sister brand, bringing you all the holiday essentials for your Christmas list.

Back to School!

*Click to enlarge September’s almost here and that means it’s time to pick up some fresh pencils, binders, and textbooks– and some fresh new clothing. Show your style and stay cozy in flannel and boots! The Rainbow Boot in Clay by BC Shoes, The Cayote Boot by Naughty Monkey, The Chuck Specialty X-Hi in Red...