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Meet 22 by Ventidue, Because Who Doesn't Want a Luxurious Purse?

Meet 22 by Ventidue, Because Who Doesn’t Want a Luxurious Purse?

The LA-based Rosin sister design duo proves that two heads is better than one when it comes to their buzz worthy street style inspired leather accessories.
Peep Show: and the Answer is...

Peep Show: and the Answer is…

...the White Leather with Stingray Bowtie by Harlett! This one was tricky, especially if you don't normally have an eye for exotic leather. That being said, you better acquaint yourself fast because the entire Harlett bowtie run is almost exclusively unusual leathers. Winner and previews of upcoming Harlett pieces after the jump.
5 Questions with Serefina's Saemee Youn

5 Questions with Serefina’s Saemee Youn

Handmade and eco-conscious, Serefina Jewelry is certainly a brand to keep on your radar.  The collection of unique pieces is inspired by San Francisco and created from exotic feathers, semi precious stones, and other natural materials.  We had a chance to touch base with Serefina’s Saemee Youn to learn a bit more about the brand....