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Meet Gabriel Berry, Marie Antoinette's Costume Designer

Meet Gabriel Berry, Marie Antoinette’s Costume Designer

We've already gushed about the costumes worn in the American Repertory's world premiere of ​Marie Antoinette. Naturally, we wanted to peer deeper into the fashion legacy of the Queen, so chatting up the production's costume designer Gabriel Berry was a must.
The A.R.T. Reintroduces France's Most Memorable Queen, Marie Antoinette

The A.R.T. Reintroduces France’s Most Memorable Queen, Marie Antoinette

The story usually goes "rags to riches," but the American Repertory Theater reminds us that sometimes history proves itself otherwise. In Marie Antoinette, playwright David Adjmi tells the story of France's most notorious Queen on the downward spiral from riches to rags.