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This Miss KL: Christine Lai of UNIF

This Miss KL: Christine Lai of UNIF

Introducing April's This Miss KL and HBIC of UNIF, Christine Lai. Check out what the mastermind behind all our awesome UNIF pieces does day to day, and what trends her adorable Pug, Nightmare, is forecasting for summer!
It's Friday: Let's get weird.

It’s Friday: Let’s get weird.

TGIF! You've made it through another week. Ring in the weekend with a major supply of visual stimulants. From rainbows, to fur coats, there's just so much radness to go around!
We're All HellBound with Unif's Criminally High Platforms

We’re All HellBound with Unif’s Criminally High Platforms

You've stocked your Lita's and your Jemma's, and we get it, you like big shoes. Better make room for a newbie in your closet or shoe bin or wherever your towering clunkers live, because Unif's HellBound is about to run shit.
UNIF's "Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake" Holiday Collection

UNIF’s “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake” Holiday Collection

In Unif's holiday collection video, "Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake", we are quickly transported to intimate scenes and a playful couple, ending at what appears to be an epic beach bonfire.
Hellraisin' with Unif

Hellraisin’ with Unif

You may have seen a certain spiked loafer loitering around the blogosphere with attitude, slaying all the ladies in its wake.
Stylestalker's YOUNG HOLLYWOOD Collages

Stylestalker’s YOUNG HOLLYWOOD Collages

In the world of style stalker, "Appearance is everything. Beauty is a curse. Where decadence is juxtaposed with decay... things are not what they seem." Curious? Check out their YOUNG HOLLYWOOD collages.