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"Off the Wall" This Holiday

“Off the Wall” This Holiday

Right on cue for the holidays, Vans released giftable goodies in all shapes, sizes and prices.  Standouts include the impeccably fit Extreme Skinny Jeans in black or blue. The sexy Tidbit Dress with its peplum skirt and back bow is perfect to pair with your fave pumps for holiday parties, while the casual Plie Dress...
WWW. (This Is a Random Assortment.)

WWW. (This Is a Random Assortment.)

It’s a slow rainy morning and I found all these tidbits interesting… not sure if they are interesting BECAUSE it’s a slow rainy morning, or if it’s because they are actually interesting. Feel free to judge. Aaron Rose x Incase “Fake Love” Aaron Rose collaborates with my #1 iPhone case maker, Incase, for a nifty...