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Jungle Gurl's Roots

Jungle Gurl’s Roots

Trendy? Check. Flattering silhouettes? Check. Eccentric fabrics for every taste? Check. Eco-concious? HUGE check. Jungle Gurl really has nailed the formula for a progressive up and coming brand. Close friend of Melody Ehsani, founder Natalie Golonka aimed to create a line from the various fabrics she collected during her international travels as a model and...
Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming

These ruffled bikinis harken back to the swimsuits of my childhood, complete with bright colors and ruffles galore! I would definitely still rock them now. The ruffled top is great for the boobily-challenged (read: me) and the pretty peach color is flattering on all skin tones. Quiksilver, a brand previously championed by surfer babes and...