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Boyfriend's closet

Boyfriend’s closet

Maybe it’s the fact that my wallet can’t keep up with my insatiable need for new clothes or maybe it’s just sheer laziness, but recently I have found myself raiding my boyfriend’s closet with increasing frequency.  I’m really into the whole over-sized button down look for summer–pair with a fedora and some strappy flippy floppies...
Jungle Gurl's Roots

Jungle Gurl’s Roots

Trendy? Check. Flattering silhouettes? Check. Eccentric fabrics for every taste? Check. Eco-concious? HUGE check. Jungle Gurl really has nailed the formula for a progressive up and coming brand. Close friend of Melody Ehsani, founder Natalie Golonka aimed to create a line from the various fabrics she collected during her international travels as a model and...
Personalize Your Natives

Personalize Your Natives

Native Shoes is taking everyone by storm – even those who shy away from their foamy silhouette can agree that they are a stylish solution to some of summer’s troubling wardrobe predicaments. The practicality of Native is that they are lightweight, waterproof, and airy while still having a classic street style. Perfect for city turned beachy outdoor...

Foxy Lady

We got the latest from Wildfox! Join the ranks of fierce fashionistas like Beyonce, Halle Berry, and Vanessa Hudgens, all of whom have been spotted sporting these fun beachy tees. My personal fav is the Metal Skull Cutoff Tank. Which one do you like?
Spring Insight

Spring Insight

It’s been a long, cold, icy winter, and the only beach I’ve seen for months has been on the travel channel. It’s not helping that brands like Insight keep coming out with increasingly beachy, surfer-inspired duds perfect for the spring break that I WON’T be going on.  Oh well, I might just cop some cute...